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The rooftop of our hotel is the only one in Onomichi where you can enjoy your meal while looking out at Mt. Senkoji.
It's like a "hiding place".

List of dishes

  • Breakfast

    At your favorite cafe, either "Tearoom Rio" or "Onomichi Roman Coffee"
    You will be given a usable breakfast ticket at the front desk at check-in.
    Valid only for morning menu orders for one week from check-in date.

    【Tearoom Rio】
    Address:2-7-14 Tsuchido, Onomichi City
    Morning offer time:7:30 to 11:00
    Regular holiday:Sunday

    【Onomichi Roman Coffee】
    Address((Main store):4-1 Toyohi Motomachi, Onomichi City
    Address((Onomichi Fukuya store):1-10 Higashigoshocho, Onomichi City Fukuya 2nd floor
    Morning offer time:From 8:30 to 11:00
  • BBQ

    I started barbecue!
    It has been very well received!
    The barbecue ingredients we offer are
    The staff is with the cooperation of a local butcher shop (Sakimoto Shoten)
    It is a recommended "delicious meat" that has been carefully selected after many meetings with tasting parties.
    We hope you will enjoy it.

    【Points to note】
    ・course fee is 3,300 yen (tax included) per person and can be ordered from 2 or more people.
    ・We do not allow you to bring in ingredients.
    ・Some contents may change depending on the purchase situation on the day.
    ・In case of bad weather (rainy weather, strong wind, etc.), we will prepare a covered place.
    ・If the amount of precipitation and wind speed is expected to be dangerous, it will be canceled.
     The hotel staff will contact you.
    • BBQ 1 serving course


      Omi beef (100 grams) / Kagoshima pork (100 grams) / local chicken (100 grams) / 1 serving of vegetables (varies depending on purchase) / 1 serving of rice((No additional orders)


      2 hours from 18:00 to 20:00
      3,300 JPY((Tax included)

    To accompany a delicious barbecue.
    • DRINK

      Draft beer KIRIN

      500 JPY((Tax included)

      Corner highball

      500 JPY((Tax included)

      red wine

      500 JPY((Tax included)

      Raw squeezed lemon sour

      500 JPY((Tax included)

      sparkling wine

      500 JPY((Tax included)

      non-alcoholic beer

      500 JPY((Tax included)

      Soft drinks

      300 JPY((Tax included)