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Aesthetic Salon / Spa

The luxury of a beauty salon on the road.

People use their time differently when traveling, but at Mange Tak Resort Onomichi, we strive to ensure that you can spend a relaxing and relaxing time in an extraordinary space.

Would you like to spend a little luxurious time at the adult salon on the second floor of our hotel, which is reminiscent of a tropical country?

Of course, you can use it even if you are not staying at the hotel!

luxury esthetic & nail"Cherie"

Beauty Salon The salon has an interior design that is reminiscent of a tropical country.
The nail salon is a luxury space with a white tone.
It is a popular salon for polite and full-scale treatment.
  • All-hand lymph care

    We provide all-hand lymph care using 100% natural aroma oil.
    Please enjoy the best time.

    course list

      • Superb All Hand Lymphatic Body Care
        Uses 100% natural oil.

        【Healed course】
        60min./ /\ 9,660((Tax included)

        【Fatigue recovery reward course】
        90min./ /\ 14,410((Tax included)

        【To a fascinating body ♥ Luxury beauty body course】
        120min./ /\ 17,820((Tax included)

        【Perfect body course for improving your constitution】
        180min./ /\ 30,690((Tax included)
      • Beautiful skin all-hand lymphatic facial
        Ultrasonic pore cleaning.

        【short Pore tightening course】
        "With decollete"
        45min./ /\ 6,600((Tax included)

        【middle Kyukyutto small face course】
        "With pack"
        60min./ /\ 9,890((Tax included)

        【long Transcendental mochi skin-beautifying course】
        "With premium pack"
        90min./ /\ 13,900((Tax included)
      • Best all-hand lymph care trial MENU
        Also as a gift for moms, girlfriends and wives.
        *There is counseling for about 10 minutes.

        【Face / décolletage】
        20min./ /\ 3,500((Tax included)

        20min./ /\ 3,500((Tax included)

        【Belly circumference】
        20min./ /\ 3,500((Tax included)

        20min./ /\ 3,500((Tax included)

        【All MENU】
        20min./ /\ 3,500((Tax included)
  • course list

  • course list

      • Inhalation of ultra-high concentration hydrogen
        For all beauty and health concerns such as beautiful skin / rejuvenation / recovery from fatigue / improvement of swelling / beautiful hair / prevention of gray hair.

        ・30min./ /\ 3,000((Tax included)

        ・60min./ /\ 5,000 \ 5,000((Tax included)

        ・90min./ /\ 6,800((Tax included)

        ・120min./ /\ 8,600((Tax included)

        ・150min./ /\ 10,400((Tax included)

        ・180min./ /\ 12,000((Tax included)
      • Mote skin facial
        【short Healing & Beautiful Skin course】
        "With decollete"
        45min./ /\ 7,600((Tax included)

        【middle neatness UP & small face course】
        "With pack"
        60min./ /\ 10,890((Tax included)

        【long Urutsuya Motebi DX course】
        "With premium pack"
        90min./ /\ 14,900((Tax included)
      • Beautiful skin & small face transcendental skin course【Face + decorte + hydrogen inhalation】
        【Luxury course】
        90min.((Hydrogen 30)/ /\ 13,890((Tax included)
        "With pack"

        【Royal course Total Face Care】
        120min.((Hydrogen 30)/ /\ 17,900((Tax included)
        "With premium pack"

        【Platinum course Perfect Face Care】
        150min.((Hydrogen 60)/ /\ 19,900((Tax included)
        "With premium pack"
  • course list

      • Dry head spa
        ・half an hour/ /\ 3,500((Tax included)

        ・40 minutes/ /\ 4,600((Tax included)

        ・60 minutes/ /\ 6,700((Tax included)

        ・90 minutes/ /\ 9,800((Tax included)

        *Simultaneous suction of hydrogen is also possible (additional charge)
  • Nail salon

    Why don't you spend a little extravagant time in a white-based luxury nail salon?

    course list

      • Hand
        ・Clear gel:\ 4,500((Tax included)

        ・One color/ /Lame gradation:\ 6,500((Tax included)

        ・Color gradient/ /French:\ 7,000((Tax included)

        ・Flat-rate nails or bring-in
         2 art:\ 8,000((Tax included)
         4 art:\ 8,500((Tax included)
         6 art:\ 9,000((Tax included)
         8 art:\ 9,500((Tax included)
         10 art:\ 10,500((Tax included)
      • Foot
        ・One color/ /Lame gradation:\ 7,500((Tax included)

        ・Color gradient:\ 8,000((Tax included)

        ・Flat-rate nails or bring-in
         2 art:\ 8,500((Tax included)
         4 art:\ 9,000((Tax included)
         6 art:\ 9,500((Tax included)
         8 art:\ 10,000((Tax included)
         10 art:\ 11,000((Tax included)
      • Hand Care / Foot Care
        【Hand Care】
        ・Nail preparation + cuticle care:\ 3,300((Tax included)
        ・OPI Pro Spa Treatment:\ 5,000 \ 5,000((Tax included)

        【Foot Care】
        ・Nail adjustment + cuticle care with foot bath:\ 3,800((Tax included)
        ・OPI Pro Spa Treatment Foot Bath + Exfoliating:\ 6,000((Tax included)
      • Other
        ・Free softgel replacement
        *Hard gel scalp is not included:\ 3,300((Tax included)
        *It is said to be sticky! Can be changed with Para gel +500 yen

        ・Crack reinforcement
         Gel:\ 500((Tax included)
         Scalp:\ 800((Tax included)

        ・One length out
         Gel:\ 900((Tax included)
         Scalp:\ 1,200((Tax included)

        ・Add parts:\500 (tax included) ~

        ・Lame line added:\1,000 (tax included) ~
      • Mao gel/ /magnet
        ・Mao Jewel:\ 6,500((Tax included)
        *For flat-rate nails, add + \ 1,000 to the flat-rate charge((Tax included)

        ・magnet:\ 6,500((Tax included)
        *For flat-rate nails, add + \ 1,000 to the flat-rate charge((Tax included)
      • Men's Nail
        ・Hand care((Nail preparation + cuticle care):\ 3,900((Tax included)

        ・Clear gel:\ 5,000 \ 5,000((Tax included)

        ・One color:\ 6,800((Tax included)

        ・art:\ 8,000((Tax included)
        *The price will change depending on the design.
         Asymmetry is also possible!
    • luxury esthetic & nail"Cherie"

      Business hours
      【Beauty Spa】From 11:00 to 23:00 (last reception on the day):18:00)/ /"Nail" from 11:00 to 20:00((Last reception on the day:18:00)

Supplementary list


Only available to hotel guests after 19:00