Popular shops in Onomichi shopping arcade

There are a lot of popular shops in Onomichi shopping arcade.

Food shops are especially popular, and there are often lines in front of them.

Among them, a bread shop, “Pan-ya Kouro” and a fish cake shop, “Keima Kamaboko-ten”, which

are facing each other across the street, are really popular.

Both of them are my favorites.










All kinds of bread “Pan-ya Kouro” sells are delicious and, among them, “chocolate bagels” which

are rich with chocolate are the best, I think. I usually buy several pieces of them.

My recommendation at “Keima Kamaboko-ten” is “Furatto Onomichi”, which is just the right

amount to me.

We feel really happy every time we eat something delicious and gentle to the body.









■ Pan-ya Kouro

1-3-31 Tsuchido, Onomichi-City











■ Keima Kamaboko-ten

1-9-3 Tsuchido, Onomichi-City

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