“Shower gel” and “Moist towelette”

How are you spending the long nights of autumn?

I spend hours in the bath all year round, and read books on my smartphone taking half body baths.

Things you would like to have while staying at hotels differ from person to person, and what I

would like to inform you of on today’s blog is that Mnge Tak Resort – Onomichi has started to

offer something makes you happy, a little something extra … it’s “shower gel”!

I have never tried it, but I hear some guests say that it would make you feel something special.

I would like all of you to try it.

Shower gel made by Lush is something women tend to like.

We have also started to offer moist towelettes, which are very moisture-rich.

Those who have stayed here both for sightseeing and on business say that they would like moist

towelettes when they relax in guest rooms.

As of today, they are available in all guest rooms.



Mange Tak Resort – Onomichi  支配人

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